Influencer of Glass

Though some people might find the unpredictability of glass frustrating to work with, that challenge is gaffer Tom Kelly’s favorite part. “How the littlest things,” he says when asked what he loves most, “such as temperature and the environment, can affect the molten glass and the way it performs when I'm trying to work it.” Tom’s word choice should be noted, as it reveals an important element of his philosophy. “I don't think I really control the molten glass. I just influence it.” And it’s the way he influences the glass that has captured the attention of people around the world, especially with the intricate sculptures called “heechee probes” where Tom wraps colorful molten glass around a solid glass probe. Before buying Vitrix Glass Studio, Tom’s natural artistic ability was shaped by some other remarkable artists, including Thomas Buechner III, for whom Tom worked, as well as visiting artists Lino Tagliapietra and Fritz Dreisbach. The intention at Vitrix is to make collectible, distinctive pieces that are not only desirable, but affordable.

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