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Experience Nature's Remedy

“I was paddling a bright green kayak in the sunshine down the gorgeous Chemung River last month. . . . The river was clean and refreshing. I stopped sometimes just to float with my arms hanging in the water because it felt so incredible.” - Erin Flaherty, 10 Miles Behind Me

Did you know the term having a “blue mind” refers to the meditative state your brain enters when you’re exposed to water? That’s right. Spend a little time by the water and you’ll feel a difference mentally, physically, emotionally.

Some people make their way to water to slow down, catch their breaths, and recharge. Others turn to water for excitement and adventure with activities like water skiing, tubing, and jet skiing. While paddling offers a chance for some physically activity while also enabling you to slip out of the hectic pace of everyday life. 

With four rivers, and numerous streams and lakes, around here everything leads back to the water. Learn about our wonderful waterways below. As well as where to rent equipment or find a guides. 


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