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Winding Its Way Through The Heart of New York

You wouldn’t think something nearly 1,000 miles long would be a secret, yet many people are only just now discovering the scenic footpaths that make up the Finger Lakes Trail. Open year- round and maintained by an extensive core of volunteers, the trail offers hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, trail running, nature appreciation, birding, geocaching, camping where permitted, waterfalls, ravines, canyons, rivers, streams, cliffs, forests, and more. “While through-hiking can be easily accomplished,” says FLT Executive Director, Quinn Wright, “we have built the trail for the day hiker to enjoy short hikes of a few miles to long hikes of perhaps twenty miles. To make things easier for hikers traveling away from home, the FLT has a group of “Trail Angels,” adds Wright. “People who spot hikers for a day hike, sometimes house them overnight, take them to hotels, post offices, stores, restaurants.”

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