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“The Finger Lakes Region is a 9,000 square mile, four-season playground, set against a backdrop of Mother Nature’s best work—from waterfalls and gorges to thick, cool woods to rolling hills . . .” - Teresa Plowright, TripSavvy

Sometimes the experiences that resonate with use most deeply, that transform a trip into an unforgettable memory, are the ones we have when where we return to simpler ways. To the basics.

Experiences like hiking and camping are two more primitive methods of connecting with a place and, as a result, they allow us the rare opportunity to slow down and be one with that place. To see it and feel it. To listen to its sundry sounds, smell its many scents. To take it in with all of our senses and, by doing so, fully connect with it. 

One of the best ways to experience the incomparable landscape of the region is exploring by land.

Whether hiking wilderness footpaths is your thing, or you prefer jogging byways or running forest trails, cycling or motorcycling scenic country roads, or off-roading perhaps on mountain bikes, motorbikes or ATVs, keeping yourself grounded affords you a unique perspective of the region.