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An Incomparable Perspective

“. . . it wasn’t just the sea plane ride that was memorable. The passion of our pilot, Bob, was contagious and made us even more excited for the ride. . . . I felt like I was co-piloting a dream as we soared above Keuka Lake.” - Mikkel Paige, One Modern Couple

The phrase having a bird’s-eye view means more than simply seeing something from above. It also suggests a unique perspective of the essence of a thing. Or of a place. It means you have the ability to experience a place from a point of view few people ever get.

Whether it’s the peaceful motorless flight of a sailplane soaring with the eagles, the exhilarating takeoff and landing of a scenic seaplane flight, the rush of hang gliding, or a breathtaking aerial tour of the region, exploring an area from the air offers an unparalleled glimpse of a place and is unlike any other experience you’ll have. For some, it is life-changing. For others, it is flat out fun.