Burgers, Burgers & More Burgers

When it comes to iconic foods, it probably doesn’t get more American than a hamburger. 

Some folks prefer them unadorned, while others want all the fixing. Some like them grilled, others fried in a pan. Some folks don’t want any meat at all, but still enjoy black bean burgers and other alternatives. Maybe that’s the best thing about a burger. It can be as simple or as extravagant as a chef’s imagination.

There are over 60 communities in Steuben County. And we recently learned over 65 different restaurants (we’re talking small local businesses, not fast food franchises) that feature a burger someone loves. Thanks to our recent poll and 2,637 total votes, we have identified the Top 10 fan favorite burger joints in Steuben.

Taking the #1 Spot on the 2021 Steuben Burger Trail is …

#1 Butcher's Son

  • You might not expect the top burger joint to be a butcher’s shop, but that’s because Butcher’s Son turns the old-school neighborhood butcher shop and deli on its head, focusing on locally-sourced meats from locally-raised animals, and offering an assortment of culinary masterpieces. Consider the menu a sampling of the delicious potential local meats can achieve in the right hands.

Picking up #2 is ...

#2 R&M Restaurant

  • Specializing in American comfort foods, it’s no surprise this small unassuming Corning gem (long known as one of the best burger joints in the area) is at the top of this list. R&M has a loyal following and with good reason.

Securing the #3 spot is ...

#3 Fran's Landing

  • A little ways off the Interstate, heading toward the small town of Addison, you’ll find this rustic cabin-like pub and grill that is a favorite of families and friends out to enjoy a good meal. From pasta dishes to roast beef dinners, fish fries to juicy burgers, the locals know where to get a great meal.

4th place goes to ...

#4 Maybe Baby Burgers

  • Maybe Baby is a throwback to another era offering a vintage diner vibe and diverse selection of exceptional (and quite filling) handcrafted burgers and delicious milkshakes, as well as retro memorabilia on the walls for a true old school dining experience. 

Rounding out the top 5 we have ...

#5 Paddy's Pub & Grill

  • The folks out Hornell way have been raving about Paddy’s for years and we get it. When it comes to making tasty meals, this is one local restaurant that delivers. Paddy’s Pub and Grill has regular dinner specials throughout the week. Wednesday is Burger & Beer pairing night, Thursday is specialty Macaroni & Cheese and Friday is Fish Fry. 

Taking 6th place is ...

#6 JB's Bar & Grill

  • Prattsburgh’s JB’s Bar & Grill serves premium 100% Angus Beef. Whether you’re looking for a banquet hall or a tasty dinner they offer an assortment of menu items including steak burgers, stuffed burgers, all kinds of burgers. You get the picture. 

#7 on our Steuben Burger Trail is ...

#7 Big Papa's Restaurant

  • As with most things you’ll find in our small towns, don’t be fooled by the unadorned exterior because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And the focus here is on the food. Offering a variety of tasty dishes, including homemade desserts, and different specials. Hey, they even have a sign that says, “Best Burgers in Town!” 

Our #8 best place for a burger is ...

#8 Burgers & Beer Corning

  • The folks who own Burgers and Beer of Corning have been doing this food thing for a long time and while the restaurant may have started out with a broader focus once upon a time, they have really dialed in on the thing they do best which is creating delicious fresh burgers and other specialty sandwiches. 

We're almost there with #9 ...

#9 Liberty Street Pub

  • Located in the heart of one of the county’s original towns which was founded 225 years ago, Liberty Street Pub offers a casual atmosphere and tavern-style digs to compliment unpretentious popular pub foods. In other words, they aren’t going to try to wow you with presentation but with taste.

Rounding out our top 10 best burger joints is ...

#10 Big D's

  • Read the “About” section on their social media and you’ll discover they don’t spend a lot of time talking about themselves. They let their food do the talking for them (and their fans, of course). Known for their pizzas, as well as comfort foods like Mac ’n’ Cheese, meatloaf, and burgers. 


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