One Sweet Trip

Cupcakes are small celebrations big enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. They also seem to have their own personality and style which means you don't have to get what everyone else gets. Unless you want to.

So start your day at Poppleton Bakery & Cafe and choose from a colorful selection of homemade cupcakes. Looking for a little more? You'll also find cakes, cookies, and other tasty treats in this charming bakery setting.

Speaking of baked goodies, if you're out to treat your tastebuds and wow everyone else at the same time, you need to make your way to Laurabelle's for her ridiculously scrumptious scones. While the presentation of a scone might be more understated than other items, it's all about flavor here and this from scratch bakery has mastered the art of the scone from the inside out.

Trust us, this is one small town that's big enough for two bakeries.

Want to bring out the kid in even the oldest among you? Head across the street to Dimitri's Confectionery Treats for a bit of nostalgia. An old fashioned candy shop feel with loads of contemporary color and pizzazz, you'll be tempted to grab handfuls of classic candies from your childhood, as well as many of today's favorite sweets. They have bags, though, so no handfuls required!

Spend your afternoon exploring the remarkable Corning Museum of Glass, then head back to the many boutiques and antique shops in Corning's Gaffer District. Can we help it if that's also where you'll find Dippity Do Dahs Homemade Ice Cream? We're talking lip-smacking deliciousness. Try handcrafted seasonal favorites as well as other creative and oh-so-good flavors.

The food, the cocktails, the ambience at the The Cellar are all treats in and of themselves, but the pièce de résistance is the chance to make S'mores right at your table. That's right, a real taste of summer that is almost as fun to make as it is to eat. Almost!

End the day at the Steuben Bar with a chocolate martini which is equal parts delicious and relaxing.