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“. . . a diverse range of activities and attractions for those seeking simplicity, serenity and even a bit of adventure.” - Kimberly Wilson, Essence 

Small Town Adventures

Getting away for a few days was exactly what we needed.

The suite at Corning’s Hilton Garden Inn was like having our own love-nest for the weekend. Great location. Lots of space. And the mini-fridge came in handy for local wine, cheese, and chocolates. Close enough to all the action in the Gaffer District that we could walk. Strolled around Market Street. The architecture, the cool shops, the energy. Electrifying! Speaking of chocolates, they have a chocolate trail. Dozens of shops with some sort of chocolaty goodness. 

Corning's Gaffer District

Turning Up the Heat

Made heart paperweights at Hands-on Glass Studio. You don’t know what hot is until you’re working with molten glass. But our instructor made it safe and fun. And she worked with only us the whole time. Talk about an intimate experience. What a great memento of an unforgettable trip. Of course, just making something beside my sweetheart was special. Don’t tell her I said that, though. Would totally blow my cover.

Making a Paperweight
Cagwin Photography

Tasty Treats

Dinner at The Cellar was amazing. Sweet potato gnocchi with maple bourbon butter and pecans. We each got a two half portion. She went with local pastured pork ramen and I treated myself to the chicken and waffles. Forgot how great food can put you in the mood for love. Oh, and the best part was dessert. S’mores right at our table. 

May or may not have talked her into a stop by Liquid Shoes for some tasty craft brews before we headed back to the hotel. The pedestrian bridge is basically this suspended park. We stopped to watch the sunset over the river. Great end to an awesome day. 

Chocolate S'mores at The Cellar
Cagwin Photography

Making a Splash

Day Two started with a short drive to nearby Keuka Lake and peaceful paddleboard adventure. Didn’t have our own, so we rented a couple at Champlin Beach. I only fell in twice. And she hasn’t stopped reminding me. Lol. Later, I surprised her with the tasting at Heron Hill. Stunning views of Keuka Lake and the vineyards. Most breathtaking part, though, was that smile! Gets me every time. 

Keuka Lake Paddleboard
Luke Petrinec

Keeping the Magic Alive

Finished a perfect day at Union Block for a romantic dinner. A sampling of crazy good deviled eggs, chorizo with goat cheese, and stuffed peppers. Delicious pasta. The whole meal was spectacular. Right down to the cannoli.

Romantic Dinner at Union Block
Cagwin Photography

Had such a great time, she talked me into staying an extra night so we can go for a hike tomorrow and search for waterfalls. Always thought just being with her was romantic. But I get it now. Sometimes a getaway takes things to whole other level.