Fall in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes is Perfect For Spectacular Fall Colors

Warm sunny days and cool nights like we have in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes tend to bring about the most vibrant colors.

Certain types of trees turn brilliant yellow and gold, while others become bright red and scarlet, and others still turn orange and purple. The types of trees you'll find here. We also have vibrant rolling hills and sun dappled gorges and scenic vistas overlooking vineyards and long slender lakes, framed by all that remarkable color: the oranges and reds and yellows and golds.

Now imagine having a variety of ways to experience those magnificent colors first-hand. The opportunity for breathtaking photographs abounds along the many hiking trails, and scenic byways, and small towns nestled among the foothills.

From the Heart of the Forest

Stony Brook State Park Fall
Rogala Photography

There are plenty of hiking trails and state parks in the Finger Lakes that let you wander through lush trees of vibrant colors. 

From the Water

Keuka Lake fall
Keuka Lake Fall Foliage

Paddle your way along the Chemung, Cohocton, or Canisteo river. Experience multicolored hillsides surrounding Keuka Lake.

From the Wineries

Heron Hill foliage
Heron Hill Fall Foliage

While the wineries of the Finger Lakes are best for enjoying the fruits of the vineyards they also provide a scenic atmosphere. Surrounded by bountiful trees displaying various shades of Fall and gorgeous views of Keuka Lake it's no wonder the wineries are a favorite for people looking for the perfect Fall photo.

Check out the views from Heron Hill Winery, Bully Hill Vineyards, Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery, and Point of the Bluff Vineyards

From the Road

Fall Drive
Brian Maloney

Experience the Fall foliage from the comfort of your car. Take a drive through the small towns, along the lake, and through scenic backroads. From sprawling farmlands to expansive hillsides there are a variety of picturesque locations waiting to be captured.

  • Along Route 36 between Jasper and Canisteo
  • Along Route 21 between Hornell and Wayland

With a Slice of Small Town Americana

Centerway Square in Fall
Brian Maloney

Our small towns are nestled among the hills and the forests offering solitude and serenity and numerous picturesque photographic experiences, as well as wonderful opportunities for shopping and dining and hands-on fun.

Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes offers breathtaking scenery all year long, but there's something about the brilliantly colored hillsides and the patchwork of farms and vineyards and the shimmer of our long, narrow lakes and other waterways that makes a visit here during the Fall all the more magical.

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