UPDATE: Additional locations added throughout Steuben County


  • Broadway Mall Park
  • St. Ann's Church

Keuka Lake:

  • Heron Hill Winery
  • Bully Hill Vineyards

Are you one of the over 10 million users of the popular Pokémon Go game? If so, Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes is full of Pokéstops and Gyms for you to visit while you are visiting our beautiful region!

Pokéstops in and around Corning's Gaffer District

  • Bike in Wall
  • Artemis (Rockwell Museum)
  • Ecker Drug Store Historic District plaque
  • Deer in the Forest Mural (behind radio station)
  • First Bank and Trust Building plaque
  • Centerway Square Clocktower
  • Market Street Clock
  • "Dali" clock
  • Face in the Wall sculpture
  • Alanson Bigelow Houghton Memorial (Historic Corning Glass Works Arch)
  • Corning Inc. Time Capsule
  • Corning Inc. Headquarters
  • Valerie Reep Fountain
  • Historic Walking Tour Plaque at 72 West Market
  • "The Gaffer" statue
  • Chemung River Bridge plaque
  • Water Street Memorial marker
  • Steuben Glass Works marker
  • Face in the Wall sculpture
  • Hawkes Building
  • Riverfront Central Park plaque
  • Hundred Year plaque
  • Red Fox footprint plaque (on pedestrian bridge)
  • Skunk footprint plaque (on pedestrian bridge)
  • Black Bear footprint plaque (on pedestrian bridge)
  • The Centerway Sign (at beginning of pedestrian bridge)
  • The Briscoe Bridge Memorial marker
  • Achesinessink Memorial marker
  • YMCA Church (listed as church but is really the old armory)
  • Corning Fire Department building
  • Houghton Park sign
  • Water Fountain (in the park)
  • Chihuly Glass sculpture - Corning Museum of Glass
  • Rhoads Marble Machine - Corning Museum of Glass
  • Glass Chess Set - Corning Musuem of Glass
  • Corning Yellow Old Fashion Chinese Lady Glass Sculpture - Corning Museum of Glass
  • CMoG Glass Logo Sculpture - Corning Museum of Glass
  • Denison Skate Park (across from Four Fights Distilling)

Clock at Centerway Square Pokéstop
Clock at Centerway Square Pokéstop

Gyms in and around Corning's Gaffer District

  • Corning Centennial Sculpture
  • Cowboy Statue (Tioga Avenue)
  • Rockwell Museum
  • Southern Tier Roller Mills Building (W. Market & Walnut Streets)
  • Little Joe Tower
  • Corning Museum of Glass Welcome Center

With so many locations to "Catch 'em all" in Corning, plan your adventure to the Crystal City and hunt Pokémon!