A Haven for Hunters in the Heart of New York's #1 Deer Country

A farmer and hunter long before he and his wife became innkeepers, Arlan and Carol Button have always opened up their home to others. That sense of hospitality led them to devote four bedrooms of their historic 10-bedroom farmhouse to overnight guests. With roughly 300 acres of land, which includes a working sheep farm surrounded by forested hills, Button’s Creekside Bed & Breakfast offers seclusion, an authentic taste of farm life, and a special package for hunters. You get more than all that land—hunt the edges of corn fields, clover fields, deep oak woods, or old orchards along the creek—and a place to rest your head, you also get home cooked meals including a huge breakfast, soups and breads, and a hearty dinner. No wonder one hunter has been returning here for eighteen years.

To learn more about Button’s Creekside Bed & Breakfast, visit ButtonCreekside.com.