Hunt Steuben

Steuben is a Hunter’s Haven

You’ve heard the old adage, location, location location! 

We're very fortunate here in the Southern Finger Lakes. A remarkable landscape sets us apart for so many aspects of tourism (from award-winning wineries with panoramic vineyard views to stunning State Parks with majestic waterfalls), but it’s also one of the reasons Steuben stands out as one of New York State’s top counties for hunting (#1 for deer taken each year and in the top five for turkey).

Taking Advantage of an Awesome Situation

You’ve got your favorite bow or gun primed and ready for action. You’ve put in the time honing your skills, but all the target practice in the world doesn’t replace the thrill of the hunt. You only get a brief window of time each year when you’re able to get out there and put your skills to the test. But even with the best equipment and the best techniques, you still need to be in the right place at the right time.

Year after year, Steuben County has been New York State’s #1 County for whitetail deer. Why not give yourself an advantage and hunt where the deer are?

According to the Department of Conservation, Region 8 has a “great habitat, large and plentiful deer, and lots of public land,” which makes it “home to some of the best deer hunting in New York.” And while the region is comprised of 14 counties, one stands out above the rest. Steuben!

"As I was walking up to my buck, I still had no idea it was the double drop-tine buck; I just knew he was big . . . When I finally got to him and put my hands on those antlers, I was in disbelief. Not only did I shoot a 13-point during bow season, I shot and killed the double drop-tine buck as well."

Local hunter, Matt Byington