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Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes

73 W Pulteney St

Corning, NY 14830


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General Info
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While at the Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes, visit the Wixon Road Log Cabin (circa 1855). The Mack family built and lived in the cabin on Wixon Road in the town of Campbell. Step inside the cabin and see how cramped it must have been for the family of five. Also browse through a reproduction "care package" from the Civil War and see what a soldier would have wanted sent from home.

Go back to school – way back, that is – when you visit the Browntown Schoolhouse that was built in Caton in 1878. The one-room schoolhouse was used to teach kindergarten through eighth grade until 1955. Today, the schoolhouse still sees plenty of students on regional school field trips. Children enjoy learning their 3 Rs from NYS certified teachers and playing recess games that children would have played years ago in the schoolyard.

Take a self-guided tour through the Starr Barn's agriculture exhibit, "The Unvarying Rhythm of the Farmer's Year." The display depicts the year in four seasons, each illustrating the tasks and tools necessary in the life of a farmer during the first half of the 19th Century. Gain insight into the agricultural development of communities along the upper Chemung River in the 1800s.

Make sure your tour concludes at the working Blacksmith Shop where you can learn the tools of the trade during the 19th Century. Built in the 1870s, and owned and operated by the Cooley family of Beaver Dams, the blacksmith shop served the local community of farmers for many years. There are items made by the Patterson Inn's blacksmith for sale in the gift shop.