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Bath has all the charm you'd expect in a small town, with its historic buildings and quaint town square where people still gather for events and celebrations. Unlike most other small towns, however, you'll find a wide range of unique attractions and interesting events.

Folks in Bath have been growing, harvesting and enjoying locally grown food as long as they can remember. Visitors can enjoy the bounty of fresh farm-to-table foods at the Bath Farmers' Market and other farm stands, or in one of the Finger Lakes restaurants across the region. Spend some time at the Bath National Cemetery and Historical Museum for a journey to the past. Become spellbound by gorgeous stained glass windows and a church sanctuary designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Savor "world famous" sticky buns or some decadent "cow pies" at popular local eateries. Watch hundreds of thousands of fish at the NYS Fish Hatchery. In Bath, NY, the opportunities are endless.

Top Attractions


The Bath National Cemetery is the final resting place for soldiers from the War of 1812—the "first and oldest" U.S. MIAs (Missing in Action)—as well as soldiers from the Civil War, including five Medal of Honor Recipients. Located on the grounds of what was once the New York State Soldiers & Sailors Home, you'll find the Bath VA Hospital and History Museum, where you can view a variety of military artifacts and memorabilia.


Whether you're looking for unique garden pottery, beautiful dinnerware or want to watch traditional pottery-making in action, the Tiffany & Treasures Trail is a must-see destination. If you're interested in making your own masterpiece, take a class and throw some clay with the potters in Bath to awaken your inner artist.

"I'm not an artistic person, so it was really surprising to me when I caught on quickly at Rocky Hill Pottery in Bath, NY. My goal wasn't to make something pretty, it was simply to catch the artsy spirit that the Finger Lakes region is known for." - Becky Pokora, The Girl and Globe


As the only existing church designed by an architect who also had a role in Buckingham Palace, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, the First Presbyterian Church of Bath is unique and architecturally appealing. It is also one of the few churches in the entire country with a sanctuary that was redesigned, corner-to-corner, by Louis Comfort Tiffany, who installed breathtakingly beautiful Tiffany stained glass windows.


With its own unique landscape and ecosystem, agriculture has long been the heart of Bath. So, it's no surprise that Bath is home to the longest continuously-running county fair in the United States, which has continued to showcase the region's agricultural strengths since 1819. Plus, with demolition derbies, truck and tractor pulls, a parade, concerts and a talent show, the Steuben County Fair offers a variety of entertainment.

"A scenic area with sprawling farmland, rolling hills and wonderful wineries, the Finger Lakes is also a 'bioregion.'" – Cathy Chester, Huffington Post

What to Do in Bath

  • Try locally grown fruits, vegetables and more at the Bath Farmers Market or the Stoney Acres Farm Market
  • Watch local rivers become stocked for the season at the Bath Fish Hatchery
  • Stroll through the orchard and pick a variety of apples at the Crooked Line Farm Orchard 
  • Take a hike through the Mossy Bank Park and Nature Center and enjoy a scenic picnic lunch