When it comes to small towns, charm is as much about character as it is size. It’s about brick-lined sidewalks and quaint storefronts, nostalgic annual events and interesting architecture, historic parks and an intimate glimpse of local culture. Of course, it’s also about the people who live there and the way they make you feel when you visit as if you’ve somehow found your way home.  

If there's one thing our small towns have, it's charm! 

When you're shopping in Corning's Gaffer District, strolling around the Village Square in Hammondsport, or walking the maple-lined streets in Hornell, it's almost as if you've been transported to a different era. Time seems to slow down and you find yourself feeling calmer, more refreshed, merely from taking a walk through town. 

Yet with remarkable art, award-winning wine and craft beverages, exceptional food, and exciting outdoor adventures, Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes offers quintessential small town Americana without compromising on world-class experiences.