Top 8 Must Pack Items

  1. Tote – If they aren't hitting the trails and fishing spots, most travelers spend their days bouncing around the quaint towns and villagesshopping the Gaffer District, or taking wine tours. It's easy to spend the whole day out and about when you are in the Southern Finger Lakes. A good size tote bag is a must to hold your suntan lotion, water bottles and any goodies you pick up throughout the day.
  2. Travel Guide – Our travel guide is a great companion while you're here. Looking for a place to eat or looking to fill a few hours in the afternoon? There are plenty of ideas and suggestions in here!
  3. Camera – The picture perfect landscape and memories you'll make in the Finger Lakes are treasures, be sure to capture them!
  4. Sun Prep – The sunshine is unbeatable. Sunglasses and sun tan lotion are a must have!
  5. Swim Suit - Summer temperatures can often reach the high 80s, there is no better way to cool off then a dip in Keuka Lake.
  6. Sweatshirt or light weight jacket – For the cool summer lake nights, a light jacket or sweatshirt keeps the goosebumps at bay.
  7. Wine Bottle Opener – With all the vineyards located nearby, you're sure to pick up a bottle or two to enjoy in the evening as you watch the sun set.
  8. Appetite - Time slows down just a bit in Corning, and the urge to linger over dinner with a glass of wine at one of our many Finger Lakes restaurants takes over...embrace the urge!


Temperatures in the Finger Lakes vary throughout the day. In mid-summer, mornings may be cool, but afternoons quite warm. So pack windbreakers, fleece vests, light sweaters and jackets - anything easy to layer. Our weather varies most in the Fall and Spring when the ground can be soft. If you're planning on hiking or being outdoors, pack extra pairs of shoes for the end of the day and all your outdoor gear.

Since most of the Finger Lakes region is best explored outdoors, you'll want to watch the forecast each day. If the weather isn't bright, don't fret! There are many indoor activities appealing to every taste. Attend a glassmaking workshop at the Corning Museum of Glass, visit one of our museums and historical attractions, or go on a wine tour and taste your way through the Finger Lakes. 


December, 19° Low - 37° High
January 13° Low - 32° High
February 22° Low - 44° High


March, 22° Low - 44° High
April, 31° Low - 58° High
May, 41° Low - 70° High


June, 51° Low - 77° High
July, 55° Low - 81° High
August, 54° Low - 80° High


September, 45° Low - 72° High
October, 35° Low - 61° High
November, 28° Low - 49° High