Truth Moment: there are wineries now in every state, nearly as many craft breweries scattered across the country as there are beer drinkers, amazing creative culinary concoctions to be found in just about every city out there. So let’s talk about a few things you won’t find just anywhere.

Things that are Finger Lakes Unique!

Anything new, revolutionary, innovative requires one thing above all others: someone who isn’t willing to accept that it can’t be done.

The word “No” becomes fuel, becomes the very foundation upon which success is built. And the phrase “Told you so” is not some snarky, self-aggrandizing proclamation intended to rub it in. It’s a battle cry intended to wake folks up. It’s an attempt to say, “Hey, we can do this. We should do this. Let’s do this!”

We’ve gathered here a sampling of people (and places) who refused to listen to what couldn’t be done. Who embraced the challenge and changed the world in their own FLX Unique way.

FU Trivia - Prohibition was the end for many wineries! But the first bonded winery in the country—Pleasant Valley Wine Company—got creative and survived by selling grape juice. Each home delivery of the “wine-type” grape juice included yeast and instructions about what not to do if you didn’t want your grape juice to turn into wine.