October 20th - October 31st, 2022


When Thomas Edison reached out to Corning Flint Glass Works after getting patents for his incandescent lamp, he was looking to the small town glass factory to not just produce the special heat resistant glass, but needed it’s skilled glassblowers to create blown bulbs “free hand” or without using a mold. It was an arduous task, one that took gaffer James Lear and his crew all day to complete 165 bulbs that were satisfactory to Edison’s representative. But only after a mysterious shop boy blew the first bubble. 

The Days of Incandescence is a special multi-day celebration each October inspired by the actual history and rather curious mystery behind Corning’s role in making the special glass bulbs for Thomas Edison’s incandescent lamp and, as a result, it’s role in helping spread light across the world. As part of this multi-day event, a special story was written and published called The Legend of the Gathers which explores that historic event and the role a mysterious young boy played in making it all come true. “The Days of Incandescence” includes actor guided walking tours, live performances, a libations crawl, thematic special offers and experiences and a 19th century celebration taking place in Corning's historic Gaffer District taking guests back to the 1880s.

Days of Incandescence Live Music

• Live Music! During this year’s celebration, you’ll find specially themed farmer’s markets and live musical entertainment.

Days of Incandescence Walking Tours

Guided Historic Tours Explore Corning at night with these popular tours led by costumed guides who reveal some of the Crystal City’s lesser known history. Learn about Corning’s fascinating history before it became known as America’s Crystal City and the events that helped shaped the company and the town’s future. Tickets will go on sale late September.

Archibald's Libations Crawl

• Archibald's Libations Crawl is a ticketed 1880s costumed libations crawl that happens each year during the Days of Incandescence and includes a souvenir tasting glass with wine and craft beverage tastings and actor engagements where you collect progressive clues to solve the mystery. Participants who successfully solve the mystery will be entered for a chance to win some great prizes.


Days of Incandescence Celebration.

On Saturday (10/29/22), there’s a special family-friendly event taking place in Corning's Historic Gaffer District called the Days of Incandescence Celebration. The one-day event will feature live music, vendors, activities, guided walking tours, and much more all in 19th century setting. Check back as we get closer for added details.

Check Back for Exciting Special Offers & Experiences during the 2022 Days of Incandescence

Come out to shop and dine during the Days of Incandescence 10/20 – 10/31 in Corning’s Gaffer District. Keep watch for exclusive offers and locations to be listed below.

  • Liquid Shoes Brewing - $1.00 off Incandescence IPA for those dressed in costume for Days of Incandescence.
  • Dippity Do Dahs Homemade Ice Cream – Exclusive Incandescence flavor of homemade marshmallow ice cream

Crystal City Courier

Make sure to keep your eyes open to get your copy of the special Days of Incandescence 1880 Crystal City Courier Newspaper during this years events. See last year's edition below.

Crystal City Courier

Check out a pdf copy of our Courier? Download here!

Thematic Farmer's Markets with Live Music

Thursday, October 20th and Thursday, October 27th 10am - 3pm

Join us for special Days of Incandescence Themed Farmer’s Markets in Corning, NY



Sometimes the things most worth celebrating in life are the ones no one else has ever heard of. Seemingly small moments that impact a few lives away from the attention of the rest of the world. Some of the best of those moments happen in small towns, like Corning, also known as America’s Crystal City

Of course, sometimes those seemingly small moments impact the rest of the world and become a really big deal that everyone has heard of to some degree.

They just haven’t heard the entire story. And that’s where things get interesting. 


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