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Climbing Bines Summer Music


Climbing Bines Hop Farm and Craft Ale Company 2021 Summer Music Schedule

Friday, May 14th | 6-9PM | David Boyd

Saturday, May 22nd | 5-8PM | Lub Dub

Saturday, Jun 5th | 2-5PM | The Soul Benders

Sunday, June 20th | 3-6PM | Sam Swanson

Saturday, July 3rd | 12-2PM | Dave Turner

Saturday, July 3rd | 2-5pm | Old World Warblers

Sunday, July 4th | 1-4PM | Sam Swanson

Friday, July 16th | 6-9PM | The Ampersand Project

Sunday, July 18th | 2-5PM | Lub Dub

Sunday, August 15th | 1-4PM |Patrick Young

Friday, August 20th | 6-9PM | Sam Swanson

Thursday, August 26th | 6-8PM | Randy Z

Saturday, September 4th | Bines Fest - TBA

Sunday, September 12th | 12-3PM | Lub Dub

Sunday, September 12th | 3-6PM | Sam Swanson

Friday, September 24th | 4-6PM | Patrick Young

Friday, September 24th | 7-9PM | The Town Pants


Schedule is subject to change. Please visit Climbing Bines Facebook page for most up to date information.