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Celebrating 225 years of the Patterson Inn


Heritage Village is celebrating 225 years! The event is FREE and open to the public.

They will have blacksmith, hearth cooking and spinning demos.

Bob Rockwell is setting up a small exhibit with a few vintage guns from his personal collection.

There will be a mini exhibit showcasing the Inn over the years and the people who were involved with acquiring the Inn. Including honoring Phyllis Martin, the first Director, who along with her husband Jack were instrumental in the Historical Society's acquisition of the Inn and whose vision it was to add additional buildings to the grounds. 

The 1st NY Regiment McCrackens Company reenactors will be there.

They will have a person portraying Dr. Edward Jenner, who 225 years ago discovered that a small amount of the cowpox infection, which was a mild alternative to smallpox, could be introduced by inoculation and would cause the body to become immune to smallpox. This discovery paved the way for the eradication of plagues and viruses - and eventually COVID19. (photo op, getting your "vaccine")

Scavenger Hunt for kids.

They will have a 10 foot long vintage 4 seater outhouse seat from a 1900 1 room schoolhouse (Townsend Grove School in Presho), that will be on display, along with other chamber pots, and "bathroom accessories'. The goal is to collect and stack 225 rolls of toilet paper on the seat  to donate to the food pantry.