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Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters at Point of the Bluff Vineyards


With roots deeply seeded in their love of music that featured strong “story” songs, veteran musicians The Boxmasters (J.D. Andrew and Bud Thornton) have established themselves as one of the most prolific Americana/Roots-rock bands of the day and have built a die-hard fan base performing to sold-out audiences in intimate venues as well as large festivals.

Formed in 2007, The Boxmasters have recorded an impressive and diverse catalogue of music that touches on their love of a wide array of influences, but most importantly, the rock and roll of the 1960’s. Listening to The Boxmasters, one can hear obvious odes to the Beatles, Byrds and Beach Boys, but also important to The Boxmasters sound are The Mothers of Invention, Kris Kristofferson and Pink Floyd.

Since forming The Boxmasters, several long-time friends have contributed to the sound of the band, but the core of The Boxmasters has always been Andrew and Thornton. As primary songwriters, the sound of the Boxmasters has been an evolution as the duo constantly strive to find new inspiration, new sounds and new ways of expressing what is in their hearts and on their minds. But at the core, there is a backbeat, a lyric with meaning and music played with emotion.

Drawing on growing up in rural Arkansas and Kansas with dreams of a mythical place called California that wafted through the radio waves, Bud and J.D. worked their way to the promised land that was Los Angeles to make their fame and fortune. Bud played in well-known regional bands that were playing in front of tens of thousands of festival goers by his mid teens before working as a roadie for a sound company in Arkansas that provided sound services for the likes of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Johnny Paycheck. Andrew started his music business career in Nashville making cassettes of song demos before moving to Los Angeles and working on albums by The Rolling Stones and The Pussycat Dolls among others. But the idea of being in a band themselves always dominated their dreams and The Boxmasters gave them both a place to make music that they loved first and foremost.

The two met when Andrew was brought in to help Thornton record his fourth solo album A Beautiful Door and the two quickly struck up a friendship based on shared experiences and loves. Thornton shared a song by the English duo Chad & Jeremy with Andrew and “Yesterday’s Gone” became the first song recorded for the band that would become The Boxmasters. Hundreds of more songs have been written and recorded in the 13 years since the two met with the desire to make great music only growing stronger with each passing year.

The Boxmasters self-titled debut album featured a two-CD collection of original songs and eclectic cover songs. The critically acclaimed album featured the single “The Poor House” which became an immediate hit on Americana radio formats. The fan-favorite “I’ll Give You A Ring (When You Give Me Back My Balls)” was featured in the Sam Rockwell film The Winning Season.

Following a whirlwind tour in support of The Boxmasters the band released Christmas Cheer and quickly followed it with their third album Modbilly, a play on the 60’s mod music and influences from southern American rock music that influenced them. The double-CD quickly climbed to the top of the Americana music charts, and was later ranked #14 on the 2009 Americana Music Association’s Top 100 Albums of the Year.

Subsequent albums included 2015’s Somewhere Down The Road and Providence, 2016’s Boys And Girls...And The World and Tea Surfing, which featured guest appearances by Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Kevin Eubanks, and frequent collaborators Jon Rauhouse, Brad Davis and Kirk McKim. 2018 brought In Stereo which further followed The Boxmasters exploring the influences from Sixties as well as putting their spin on a classic sound