An Overnight Success Years in the Making

It’s hard to imagine someone as young, and humble, and charming as Hans Peter Weis could already be as good as he is at such a challenging craft, but taste his wines and you’ll understand that winemaking is simply an essential part of who he is and who he’s always been. Born in the Zell Mosel region of Germany to a family of winemakers, Hans Peter Weis pursued his lifelong quest to become a world-class winemaker by traveling the United States where he learned important skills in California before spending over a decade making award-winning wines in the Finger Lakes. When it came time to start producing wines for himself, Peter and his fiancée at the time (now his wife) decided to make their shared dream a reality Hammondsport, the small town that became Peter’s “home away from home. “Weis Vineyards released its first vintages in May 2017 then, three months later, won double-gold (and six other medals) at the 2017 New York Wine & Food Classic Competition. In January 2018, Weis won three medals at the 2018 SF Chronicle Wine Judging Competition including a Double Gold, Silver, and Bronze. While this boutique winery is still undiscovered by most wine-lovers, make no mistake Weis Vineyard’s recent acclaim is the result of immense talent, time spent learning from some of the best, and a passion for handcrafting traditional German style wines.