The Roots of Superb Wine 

Fred Frank and his daughter, Meaghan Frank, have inherited more than a vineyard and a winery at Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars. They’ve inherited a legacy for being pioneers: for leading the way when it comes to innovation, and also when it comes to making exceptional wines. After hearing at nearly every turn that fine European-style wines couldn’t be made here because Vinifera grapes couldn’t be grown, Dr. Frank took matters into his own hands and changed the history of winemaking in the Eastern United States. That same persistence and unwillingness to settle has driven Fred and Meaghan to learn as much about winemaking as possible, each acquiring advanced degrees from the best programs in the world. For them, each new vintage is a test – one at which they feel compelled to excel. “There’s a lot on the line,” says Meaghan. “Everything has a higher meaning when you work to honor those who came before you and those to come.”

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