Locally Sourced Foods, Plus Time, Love and Dedication: Ingredients for an Exceptional Culinary Experience

Blaine Mays has been passionate about food his entire life. As a boy, he cooked almost every night and, since his dad had culinary training, the meals were nothing short of excellent. “I had this childhood of incredible food,” says Blaine. “I thought that everyone ate that way.” His resume reads like a roadmap that took him from one food-centric locale to another—Boston, Brooklyn's Williamsburg, New York Wine & Culinary Center—and at each stop along the way he’s gained invaluable experience and skills like learning the nuances and importance of developing relationships with local farmers. While overseeing operations of the inn and the “from-scratch kitchen” at Pleasant Valley Inn, Blaine is also an integral proponent of the locavore movement in the region, developing a network that connects exceptional local producers with chefs and restauranteurs. “It gives me a feeling of fulfillment,” he says, “when I visit the farm, pick up produce, or just say hi and see whats going on, and then return to the restaurant knowing that what we are doing is the right thing.”