Extracting Incredible Flavor Drop by Drop

Some people get the name wrong the first time, but once you’ve tasted the deliciousness Matthew Bowers is crafting, you get it right. While the story behind the name is fun, a visit to Four Fights Distilling is all about taste. One of the benefits of small batch distilling is a certain amount of flexibility that allows for creativity and for experimentation until just the right flavors are found. One of the challenges, however, is maintaining the consistency of those incredible flavors time after time which requires a special attention to detail and a passion for crafting the best spirits possible, two traits at the core of Matthew’s philosophy. Fortunately, he has the skills to pull it off. Everything Four Fights makes is a modern twist on classic spirits, so you can enjoy the familiarity of a longtime favorite while experiencing something completely unexpected. A farm distillery, Four Fights sources the best New York State ingredients and uses an all-natural process without any filtering to create exceptional, uniquely flavored spirits.

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