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Wineries in the Finger Lakes

Maybe it's the beauty of the ripe vineyards overlooking sparkling lakes. Perhaps it's the crisp, delectable quality of the wines made there. Whatever the reason, the Finger Lakes region has been recognized internationally for its vineyards, wineries, and wines. Not only was it named "the world's most beautiful wine region" by readers of Budget Travel, but it earned a place on Shermans Travel's list of Top Ten Value Destinations last year. As the world's most beautiful and affordable wine region, it's no wonder the award-winning wines of the Finger Lakes attract so much attention.

Finger Lakes Microbreweries

Microbreweries are taking hold in the Finger Lakes, offering an enhancement, or perhaps even alternative, for those looking to spend a day tasting the bounty of the region. With many varieties of ales and stouts, these the microbreweries are doing a fine job ensuring the Finger Lakes have something to suit everyone's palate. Schedule a microbrewery tour and taste your way through the Finger Lakes region!

Finger Lakes Wine Fun
Bully Hill Vineyards

Wine Festival

Celebrate the wineres at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, held every summer at Watkins Glen International. Over 600 wines, plus a beer garden!