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History and Heritage in the Crystal City


It can be said that Corning is a mecca for boutique shopping, delicious dining, and a hotspot for can't miss events. Looking beyond that there is a rich and vast history and heritage that is being told through museums, and hidden within the walls of the buildings that are passed every day. See how museums and businesses are paying homage to those who came before and keeping traditions and the history alive.

A Geocache Adventure


What better way to see the Southern Finger Lakes than to go on a Points of Inspiration Geocache Adventure and view some amazing scenery and architecture that we take for granted. Launching this weekend, you and your family will be able to go out and discover all of the great places worth the visit that may get overlooked. It's like a treasure hunt where not only do you receive a glass token at the end for visiting the sites, but also discovering new and exciting places along the way.

Memorial Day Weekend Getaway


Memorial Day weekend is here which means it is the official kick off to Summer! With a few days off of work and school what better time for a quick spontaneous family getaway and experience all of the fun things Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes has to offer. There is such an expansive variety of things to see, do, and experience that everyone will find something they enjoy.

Timeless Tiffany and Treasures


Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes is home to some of the most magnificent fire arts from yesterday and today. The Tiffany and Treasures Trial is a self-guided tour that will take you around to some of the most captivating pieces in the region. Tiffany Glass refers to glass that was created by Louis Comfort Tiffany from the late 1800's to the early 1900's, so not only is this glass beautiful, but it comes with a rich history.

Two Days Downtown: An Art and Culture Experience


You know what they say it's all about location, location, location! With three captivating museums located in Downtown Corning, just a five minute drive away from each other, location is what makes this so easy. The art and culture you will experience is just the added benefit. Visit Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes, The Rockwell, and the Corning Museum of Glass for a well-rounded experience in the world of art and history. This is a great idea for not only local residents, but for those of you just a short drive away who are looking for a weekend trip idea.

New Year, New Experiences


We are a few weeks into the New Year and with that it's time to start making those New Year's resolutions happen. If you're like me then you know you make them but then they get lost somewhere along the way of your busy life. Don't let that happen to you too. A lot of New Year's resolutions are the typical ideas you hear of so often like to start eating better, travel more, learn something new, or try something you haven't done before, just to name a few. They may sound mundane, but let's be honest who hasn't made at least one of these?

Family Fun this Winter


As a kid, Winter break is one of the most looked-forward-to times during the school year. What kid doesn't like having off of school? Parents often start to hear one of the most feared phrases from their children, "I'm bored." Being that the weather doesn't always allow for outside activities to burn off energy, it falls on the parents to find new and exciting ways to entertain their young ones. What better way than to explore Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes history to present day at one of the many museums that are located in the area.

Ahhh Wine!


Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars courtesy of Stu Gallagher
Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars courtesy of Stu Gallagher
"The discovery of a wine," claimed Benjamin Franklin, "is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars."

Pyrex: "America’s Favorite Dish"


My mom had some. Her mom had some, so did my dad's mom. Just about everyone's mother or grandmother had some at one point or another. I mean, this year marks the 100th Anniversary since they first appeared.

Chances are I'm not the only who associates those special glass dishes with so many fond memories.

Home is the Sailor


At last! On June 21 I got to do what I've been wanting to do for 15 years – walk into the Finger Lakes Boating Museum!

The Finger Lakes Boating Museum is at the old Taylor winery (Columbia Winery, back in the 1800s) in Pleasant Valley, just about across from the Great Western Visitors Center. So the region's newest museum experience is located in one of the oldest museum structures – a 19th-century winery with a very European feel.

The Heartbeat of a Small Town: Corning's Market Street


In every charming small town, there's a most idyllic part—a main street. It's a hub of sorts. It's got arts and culture, fantastic shopping, and amazing dining experiences. It's the home of countless festivals and happenings throughout the year. It's a gathering place for locals and tourists alike. It's essentially the heartbeat of the town.

The Many Faces of Fun


As summer wanes, it's important to remind ourselves that that doesn't mean the fun is over. Corning & the Finger Lakes is a year-round destination and, as such, there's still so much left to do every day. As a matter of fact, the end of summer marks the beginning of some very cool opportunities for fun.


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