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Searching for that perfect gift for Dad on Father's Day can be hard, but Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes can make the day special for you and Dad! Spending the day together can be so much more meaningful than just a gift, so here are a few great ideas for you and dad... continue reading
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I don't know about you, but summer and sunshine and long, hot days call out to some deep down place inside me compelling me to get outside. Morning Paddle on Keuka Lake I always tell my friends that insatiable urge is a sign that I'm solar powered. Of course, now that I... continue reading
Beer, Camping, Cool and Fun, Dining, Family Fun, Fishing, Outdoor Recreation, Wine Fun
Sailing courtesy of Julie Brooks Just saying the word SPLASH feels good. Maybe it's from those childhood days when we took something like a simple puddle and transformed it into the best thing ever. Well, the best thing after swimming pools and lakes. You know, those huge... continue reading
Cool and Fun, Family Fun, Fishing, Outdoor Recreation
Bath Fish Hatchery Today I did something I never imagined myself doing - that's for sure. A co-worker and I got up bright and early to catch up with the Bath Fish Hatchery and tag along on a fish stocking adventure! If you had asked me two days ago, I would have... continue reading
Kimberly Thompson
Outdoor Recreation, Fishing
Merciless cold. Weak, watery sunshine that brings no relief from the chill. Monstrous prehistoric fish with razorlike teeth lying just below the ice, waiting to snap your foot off at the ankle. Wait...that last part never happened. But being the ice fishing newbie that I... continue reading
Attractions, Fishing
Waneta Lake Fishing is one of those pastimes that allows people to reconnect with nature (on many levels) and, as a result, to reconnect with themselves. It's a sport that can be quite adventuresome, one that requires patience, endurance, and often times cunning (and not... continue reading
Fishing, Outdoor Recreation

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