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Winter Vacations in the Finger Lakes


The Finger Lakes might be best known as a summer destination. Warm days visiting out hiking, hot days cooling off in the lakes, and feeling the warm breeze while you sip wine looking out on the lake. But what if vacationing in the Finger Lakes wasn't exclusively for the Summer time? There are plenty of reasons why making a trip this Winter is worth your while.

Relax Finger Lakes Style


This time of year, things start to get busy and stressful for everyone, so before you jump into it take a minute to de-stress. The calm before the storm if you will. Relax Finger Lakes style in a welcoming bed and breakfast, indulge in culinary delights, savor the flavors at wineries and breweries, and a little retail therapy never hurt anyone!

A Season for Craft Beer


Sure, craft beverages are great all year-round, but there is something about the Fall harvest time and breweries that go hand in hand. It seems to can't walk into a brewery without hearing the ravings about the special seasonal brews on tap. Oktoberfest's and pumpkin ales are aplenty during these cool months. Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes is no different. Many of our breweries have released their special Fall favorite brews for visitors to brag about at home and locals to keep stocked in their homes.

Fall Foliage Drives and Discoveries


Fall in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes is a time of beauty. The leaves are changing to warm vibrant colors. It's a time of pumpkin patches, fall festivals, harvest foods and drinks, and a time for being with family. Spend a day and take a drive on gently curved roads in the rolling hills through small villages and along the scenic highways and back roads, and discover some great stops along the way.

Craft Your Adventure This Fall


Craft beer lovers make this your season! Not only are there incredible seasonal brews emerging at your local favorite brewery, but there are fun events planned combining all of the great things about the Finger Lakes. Craft Your Adventure and discover the incredible brews and events waiting for you in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes.

“Fall” In Love with Wine and Beer Tours


It's never too early to start planning Fall adventures. It's my favorite season after all, and I know it is for many others too. The warm afternoons and cool nights, beautiful changing scenery to rich oranges and reds, and of course the wineries and breweries always have something new and tasty to try. Make it easy for yourself and experience all of this and more at once on a Keuka Lake wine or beer tour.

Crafting Beer in the Finger Lakes


We have some pretty fantastic breweries here in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes. While we can talk about how great the products they serve are, and they are, it's hard to capture just how proud the brewers are of their craft and how much love they have for their home. So instead of me trying to explain it I thought the best way would be to let a brewer himself tell you all about what it is like to have a brewery in the Finger Lakes.

Summer Happenings in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes


One of the best things about Summer is all of the fun-filled events going on. There are festivals and barbeques, live music, farmers markets, and so much more. There is just something so inviting about Summer activities. There are a great deal of these events happening in Corning and the Sothern Finger Lakes showcasing some of the things we are known best for, like craft beverages, delicious food, and arts and culture.

Cheers to Craft Beer Week


Craft Beer is more than just a beverage it's a lifestyle. One that we here in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes proudly embrace. Celebrate Finger Lakes Craft Beer Week May 14th through the 22nd with exciting events like expos and Brew Fests that highlight the unbeatable brews made right here in the Finger Lakes. Whether you like your beer paired with live music, great food, or scenic lake views you can have it all during Craft Beer Week.

Celebrate Tourism in Your Own Backyard


We've all heard the saying the grass is greener on the other side. While sometimes this is true we often forget to cherish and take advantage of the great things happening here at home. National Travel and Tourism week is America's annual salute to travel and tourism. This year it is happening May 1st through the 7th. You might be thinking great I'll have to travel somewhere far away to celebrate tourism. The great news? You don't have to go very far, just look in your own back yard.

A Year for Beer


Craft breweries have taken over the craft beverage scene, and there is no shortage of them here in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes. With seven craft breweries already well established, other craft beverage makers like cideries and distilleries making their way in, and the possibility of new openings this year our craft beverage region is continuing to grow.

In Hammondsport you have many options for all of your beer wants and needs. Try one or try them all, and may we suggest you try them all.

Getting Better with Time


There have been a lot of new and exciting things happening in Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes in the past few years, and the fact that this Summer The Glass Art Society will hold their conference in Corning for the first time since 2009 is the perfect time to catch up on all of the changes that have happened over the years. There have been celebrations, anniversaries, name changes, award-winners, and much more. Looking back at the past few years shows just how great Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes is, and we are still continuing to grow and only getting better with time.

WOW Guests with Flaming Cheese Recipe



Flaming Saganaki Cheese at Luna Mezza Grille courtesy of Stu Galagher
Flaming Saganaki Cheese at Luna Mezza Grille courtesy of Stu Galagher

Chef Joe Rotsell's Recipe for Saganaki Cheese


  • Kefalograviera cheese (approximately a 4 inch square, about 1 ½ inches in thickness)
  • 1 cup Flour
  • Table Grind Salt and Pepper for seasoning
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Joe prefers the Pomace brand)
  • 1 lemon (cut into wedges)
  • 1/2-2/3 shots of Brandy (not for drinking, silly, but for the grand finale - of course, if you want to sample, by all means . . .)
  • /2-2/3 shots of Brandy (not for drinking, silly, but for the grand finale - of course, if you want to sample, by all means . . .)


  1. Get your pan nice and hot – heat some extra virgin olive oil on Medium heat – the oil will keep the cheese from sticking to the pan (note: extra virgin olive oil gets a better burn and it burns really easy)
  2. Put your flour in a large bowl, add salt and pepper to season Dredge the cheese (roughly the size of an adult male's palm) in the flour - both sides. Use your tongs to lower the floured cheese into the hot pan
  3. Cook 1-1 ½ minutes (until surface starts to brown) With a spatula, flip the cheese onto the other side Lower heat for 1-2 minutes, then remove skillet off the heat Pour room temperature brandy over the cheese Hold the skillet at arms-length (and be sure to keep away from others for this part, you all don't need to huddle around close to the pan - trust me if they're in the room with you they'll see it when that flame ignites)
  4. Touch it off with a lighter (be prepared for a flame of at least 8 inches - plan on 1 1/2 feet) After the flame goes out (1-2 minutes), squeeze a lemon wedge over it (this puts out the last traces of fire, and adds flavor)


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