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Breaking News: Corning, NY has been chosen as the Most Fun Small Town in America!

The votes have been tallied in Rand McNally's annual competition, and Corning came out as the winner for the Most Fun Small Town in America! Visit Corning today and discover why!


Little Joe Tower

What city's allure and sparkle has dazzled visitors for generations? Corning, of course! America's "Crystal City" has a history rich in glass innovation. As a headquarters for Fortune 500 Company, Corning Incorporated, Corning has been on the cutting edge of great advancement in science and technology. From telescopes to fiber optics, Corning's innovations have allowed us to stretch beyond all possible boundaries. Much like the glass masterpieces it holds, Corning's sparkle is brilliant, exciting and absolutely inspiring!

Home to the largest collection of art glass in the world, The Corning Museum of Glass Courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glasshas delighted and informed visitors for more than 60 years with its collection of over 45,000 objects. Whether you're interested in ancient Egyptian glass or want to see modern sculptures, or even windows designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, you can find all that and more at the museum. Journey through 3,500 years of glassmaking history and discover why a material so commonplace in our lives has left such an indelible mark on history. Watch glass come to life before your very eyes at the Hot Glass Show. Master gaffers (glassblowers) make the craft look effortless as they blow vessels and sculpt vases. Catch a special "You Design It, We Make It" version of the show and watch as a child's drawing is transformed into glass.

Then try it for yourself! Visit the museum's Make Your Own Glass studio and create your own glass souvenir to cherish. Blow an ornament, make a flower, fuse a picture frame, flamework a bead, sandblast a glass – and so much more!

Visit the place the hands-on movement began in Corning. Rodi Rovener of Hands-On Glass studio has been called the "driving force" behind getting visitors to experience glassmaking for themselves. At her studio, children as young as two can blow their own ornament keepsake.

Corning Art and Culture

The Rockwell Museum of Western Art Rockwell Museum of Western Artoffers visitors to Corning a sneak peak at the "Best of the West in the East." Western art, that is! The Rockwell Museum features three floors of stunning artwork displays. Whether it's through the huge paintings that adorn the walls of the upper floor or the sculptures of animals you'll find below, you'll experience the West like never before. Kids will love going on scavenger hunts through the galleries, while adults and children alike will enjoy seeing the figures of the Wild West in a new light. Combo tickets with The Corning Museum of Glass are available, and kids 19 and under are always free.

Corning's Gaffer District

Corning's Gaffer District Corning's Gaffer Districthas something for everyone. Wander the seven blocks of historic Market Street and stumble upon wonderful boutique stores where you'll find candles, coffee and everything in between. Explore one of our many superb dining options along the street – with choices ranging from a brew pub to an Italian bistro to a steak and seafood restaurant. With gaffer meaning a master glass blower, you can expect to see many artists at work in studios across the area.

Gaffer District Experience Trails

Explore the experience trails that dart through Corning's Gaffer District: Tiffany & Treasures Trail, Antiques & Collectibles Trail or Kids Adventure Trail. Each experience comes with a trail map for your ease. Or step off of the trail and explore the 100+ shops, boutiques, museums, restaurants, and architecture at your own pace in America's Crystal City.

Come to play, come to stay! Corning is the perfect escape for the couple looking for romance, the family seeking adventure, for the art lover dreaming for inspiration... for you! Come, let the Crystal City dazzle you!

Things to Do in Corning, NY

There is always something happening in Corning, making it the perfect place for a group of any size. Children will love the museum demonstrations, and couples will enjoy the romantic ambiance of a wine region. Every day in Corning can be a new adventure, so give the activities a try!

  • Visit our amazing museums, including the Corning Museum of Glass and the Rockwell Museum of Art
  • Stay in Corning and explore all of the local wineries and vineyards
  • Explore the Experience Trails that thread through Corning & the Finger Lakes

Corning Family Activity Ideas

  • Hike trails that follow the footsteps of native ancestors
  • Challenge the family to a miniature golf tournament
  • Discover the Magic of Glass and make your own glass souvenirs at the Corning Museum of Glass
  • Explore the Wild West with hands on activities at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art
  • Have a blast with bumper boat water-fights

Places to Eat in Corning

Corning is well known for its decicious restaurants. Many focus on making their food only with locally-sourced food. And one of the benefits of being in the Finger Lakes is that our chefs have the opportunity to pair food with wine from over 100 local wineries and microbreweries. It's the perfect match for creating an ideal culinary experience.

Celebrate the Holidays

Each holiday brings another event to Corning with fireworks, concerts, demonstrations and performances. It's the perfect time to come to the FInger Lakes and discover what makes Corning a magical city.

  • New Years' Eve in the Gaffer District 
  • Trick-or-Treat with your family
  • Fun 4th of July fireworks

Where to Stay in Corning

There is plenty of lodging available in Corning - whether you are looking to stay at a cozy B&B, a luxurious inn, or camp under the stars. Many of the hotels are close to downtown, so you can walk right ot the Gaffer district. If you're looking for a little more of an escape, many accommodations are just a few minutes drive from all of hte events and attractions that you could want.

Corning's Historic Gaffer District

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Centennial Sculpture. Corning, NY
Centennial Sculpture - Corning, NY

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